Help us make a difference in Kenya.

We believe that Kenya needs a social and political change to help her prosper economically and be Africa's choosen destination for busines and pleasure.Party of Democratic Unity has a vision for Kenya. We kindly ask for your support to make you proud.



Promote youth participation in Democratic Change

PDU believes in the power of young people to bring change to the community. We have a dedicated office that serves the interest of the youth.

Empower women through education

Education is the key to prosperity. Women are better placed to greatly contribute to the community when they are educated. PDU sees the potential in our women as tools of change.

Ensure Food Security through Agribusiness

PDU knows the importance of food security to the Nation. We shall have programs and training especially for the young people to engage them in agribusiness and value addition to their agricultural products.

Conduct voter Education in every County

PDU will conduct voter education in every county to sensitize the communities on the importance of voting and encourage them to maintain peace and co-exist with each other.

Promote National Unity, Justice and Peace

PDU rejoices in the mosaic of culture, ethinic, religious, racial and Geo-ecological differences that characterises Kenya. PDU is committed to promote National Unity throught various programs it will develop.

Promote Environmental Conservation

PDU will engage with the community and other stakeholders in planting of trees and educate the community on sustainable use of their environment